Chemical Peel

Every year millions of individulas undergo a chemical peel. There are a number of different chemical peel agents that can be used so you may be wondering what type is best for your skin.

Chemical Peel treatments help to restore youthful glowing skin. Our trained experts can help you get the results you want buy customizing the proper peel for your skins specific needs.

Chemical peels can be used to quickly remove dark spots, freckles, skin imperfections, small scars, fine lines and dead skin. A chemical peel is a controlled treatment and you can have it performed on your chest, neck, face and hands.

A peel is a very effective way to renew your skin texture. It will also remove dead skin cells and promote new skin growth. It’s likely that you’ll experience smaller pores and brighter, tighter skin as a result of getting a chemical peel.

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The Low Grade Peel

this is a chemical peel that uses AHA or hydroxy acid. This peel is mostly effective on the surface, which means it does not penetrate much deeper than the top layer of your skin. You can benefit from a low grade peel if your skin texture is rough or dry. It is not uncommon for a lower grade peel to be combined with treatmets such as Micro-dermabrasion or Dermaplane. There is minimal to no down time and you may continue your normal daily lifestyle.

The Medium to more advances Peel – If your skin has slight imperfections, surface-level acne and fine lines, then you can benefit from this treatment. This Chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid or TCA. You will find that this peel takes about 15 minutes and it is best for individuals that have dark skin.

If you decide to under go this type of peel, it is possible that you will need two or more sessions, which will need to be scheduled over a few months. Once you’ve undergone this procedure, peeling, scabbing, redness and mild swelling are common side effects, which go away with time. You will need up to 10 days down time.