About Dr. Trent McKinney

Trent McKinney, M.D., an ophthalmologist in Venice, Florida, joined Dr. Richard A. Conroy and his wonderful staff as of August 2005. “I believe that I have joined a practice that I fit in with very well. It is a practice of strong ethical values and one that puts the patient first. We strive to provide the best care that we can for our patients”.

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Dr. McKinney, his wife Christie and their two boys, Zander & Daxton live in Venice Florida.  Dr. McKinney is Originally from Amarillo, Texas, where he graduated from Amarillo High School.  After high school, Dr. McKinney attended  West Texas A&M University.  He majored in Biochemistry while also participating in the Pre-Med program and served as president of both the Alpha Chi Honors Society and the Beta Beta Beta Biological Society. From there, he attended the University of Texas Southwestern, the 6th highest ranked medical school, located in Dallas. He did his residency training in Lubbock at Texas Tech Health Science Center.  Texas Tech gave him the opportunity to learn from some of the best physicians that Texas had to offer.

Why Ophthalmology? Why Venice?

Throughout my life, I have always had a strong interest in science and electronics. I can even remember being fascinated by the eye as early as the 6th grade. I carried this interest through my undergrad years, but it was not until I met my mentor as a college student did I realize that I wanted to be an Ophthalmologist. What I saw in him changed me forever. Ophthalmology has given me a portal to engage in nearly every interest that I have, but it has also given me the opportunity to care for people in an ethical and compassionate way. I also enjoy the challenges that this field offers, especially with all of the technological advancements that are always occurring. I truly enjoy being able to offer such cutting-edge innovations to my patients. When looking for a location to begin your career, you ask yourself, “What do I want to do and see when I am not working?” My wife and I love the outdoors, the beach, and warm weather. We visited many areas of Florida, but fell in love with the Gulf Coast. We have settled down here in Venice, which has allowed our wishes to become a reality. The small town feel and the friendly people make it the place we wanted to call home!  I would like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my family. I look forward to the day that I get to know you.

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